Intelligent Inverter

LG's intelligent inverter technology enables precise power regulation, thanks to which you can heat and defrost various products even faster. Temperature control allows you to prepare dishes that previously could not be done in microwave ovens.
Intelligent Inverter 1


Even heating

With the help of precise temperature settings, you evenly heat each dish, making your meal tastier and more satisfying. 
Uniform heating 1

Even defrosting

 By properly regulating the temperature, you can defrost meat evenly and accurately as never before. 
Even defrosting 1

Cooking various dishes

With one device you can both fry and heat food. In addition, the NeoChefTM cooker can even help ferment home-made yogurt. 
Cooking various dishes 1

Healthy cooking thanks to Charcoal Lighting Heater ™

 The revolutionary Charcoal Lighting Heater charcoal filament enables natural preparation of tastier dishes in less time. Heating with charcoal increases the absorption of heat, like on the grill, enabling you to prepare dishes in the right way. 
Healthy cooking thanks to Charcoal Lighting Heater ™ 1

Healthy cooking

 Healthy baking and frying settings * allow you to prepare healthy and tasty meals. The healthy frying function reduces fat in every dish by up to 72%, and the healthy baking function allows you to get rid of 72g of fat compared to conventional ovens. 
Healthy cooking 1

Microwave power 1000W
Grill NO
Control Panel tactile
Interior finish Easy Clean
Diameter of disc 292mm
Interior lighting Led
Parental lock YES
Product dimensions 476 x 272 x 369 mm
Interior dimensions 322 x 228 x 335 mm
Packaging dimensions 540 x 294 x 417 mm
Weight (net / gross) 9.9 / 11,6kg
Net capacity 25L
  • Standard Delivery takes 4 - 5 working days.
  • The delivery fee will be charged as follows.

    Order Amount Delivery Fee
    Rs. 10,000 or below. Rs. 490
    Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 20,000 Rs. 590
    Rs. 20,001 to Rs. 50,000 Rs. 790
    Rs. 50,001 to Rs. 100,000 Rs. 1,090
    Rs. 100,001 to Rs. 200,000 Rs. 1,590
    Rs. 200,001 and above. Rs. 2,090


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